Sunday, 6 February 2011


So I've been in the middle of my final year uni exams for the past few weeks and despite buying fable 3 when it came out, hadn't even opened the polythene wrapper until the other day.  So basically the last week was the first opportunity I had to play.
Okay, I lie.

I could have taken my xbox home with me over Christmas, I mean I had the better part of a month doing pretty much sweet fa.  However, due to my procrastinating nature I didn't pack until 5 minutes after I was meant to leave, so I couldn't be bothered to sort my xbox and the endless tangled wires out on top of everything else.

So anyway.
This week was the first real opportunity where I felt I was free from revision, although I still have one more exam to go but surely 3 weeks of revision is enough! my motivation is pretty much completely gone right now.
I finally sit down and turn on the 360 and it boots up normally, I eject assassins creed and slot in fable, close the tray and load into the game.  It's all going well..until the xbox resets itself and when its back on, the dashboard is pretending that there is no disc in the drive.  In fact it's saying not only is there no disc, the drive is open which is a complete lie.  This has happened before, but usually I just leave it and a few hours/a day later and its fine and dandy again.
Not this time.

Maybe it had something to do with me getting annoyed and hitting it I don't know, sure we can start pointing the finger but it wont solve anything.  Anywho my xbox is a good 4/5 years old so waaaayy out of its warranty so I decided to browse the web for others in my situation.  The common thought seems to be that the drive is kaput so I take this opportunity to feel like a man.  Out comes the toolbox (after watching several youtube videos to get a decent grasp of what I was doing of course!).  I check all the connections on the drive, plug them in securely and give it another go....same result.

It's time to order a new drive, £20 on ebay, not bad in my mind.  Only when I go to pay it seems paypal didn't like me buying Magicka off of Steam the other day and has decided that I need to update all my accounts; verify the lot.  The final step is that it wants to phone my billing address home phone number (where I'm currently not living) as confirmation.

Can't do that for a while then.  So after the Xbox breaking now paypals turned on me...way to kick me when I'm down.  Oh and btw Magicka wont even work on my laptop as it doesnt support my the graphics card so I can't even play that.

 It's been a good week.

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