Sunday, 6 February 2011

....and so it begins

I've always been interested in writing but was never sure what to do... so here I go, writing about whatever random and quite possibly undeniably pointless thing that is capturing my attention at this moment in time.  So here I go!

It always amazes me how I can wake up after a decent nights sleep (fine you got me...lets say 5 hours sleep) and I still feel absolutely shattered.  Move forward 15 hours or so and its now past midnight and here I am going strong, not a yawn in sight.  Not only that, but if I decide its getting late and its time I hit the sack, try as I might I can't fall asleep.

Oh and another thing, I hate people who can just get into bed, close their eyes and fall asleep instantly! How do you do it?!? You have to tell me your secret!  It's worst when in bed with someone else who can fall asleep instantly leaving you restless yet not wanting to squirm for fear of waking them up.  On most nights I have to try like hell to fall asleep, on average probably taking me at least an hour.  My problem you see is that my mind just doesn't shut up. I shut my eyes and off it goes, whirring away.  I actually often think I get some of my best thinking done while I'm trying to fall asleep.  But I digress....

As I was saying I obviously need to find a job in something that really interests me. While at work I often find myself, after a late night, in a meeting with my boss trying my utmost not to yawn.  I end up trying to sneak one in every so often when she looks away....trying to be really sneaky...when she blatantly knows.  Yet 7 hours later I'm browsing the net or playing a game and totally forgot that hours before I was about to keel over.

I always seem to feel the most tired when I am somewhere that offers no opportunity to have a nap.  That's the way of the world I suppose...always leaving you wanting something  you don't have or the ability to do something you can't.

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